Sibu Beauty Cleansing Face and Body Bar Sea Buckthorn

Sibu Beauty Cleansing Face and Body Bar Sea Buckthorn

Sibu Beauty Cleansing Face and Body Bar Sea Buckthorn

  • Cleans and conditions skin
  • Natural astringent
  • Revitalizes skin cells
  • For all skin types
  • 100% Natural

Awaken your skin and wash away a day of stress and pollutants with pure, simple and effective Sibu Beauty Cleansing Sea Buckthorn Face and Body Bar. This facial soap lathers thick and rich to cleanse, detox, moisturize, repair, and protect skin from cell damaging free radicals.

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Great soap: So Creamy, and treats DEMODEX mite effects like acne, hair loss, itching,, February 20, 2012
Opinion8d “Kit” (San Francisco, CA, US)
OK, I have not tried Aubrey, like the other reviewer, perhaps I shall.This soap: Not drying for me. lathers up like a wonderful oil. Leaves hair nice. KILLS THE DEMODEX MITE!!SEE, FOLKS, the reason it works GREAT for some, and NOT AT ALL for others, is Sea Buckthorn Oil is for killing the demodex mite. Check’em out on YouTube if you like disgusting. Or buy a microscope, pull a hair, or scrape some of the sebum off your nose, and look. They are microscopic and live in the hair of many many people (by the age of 90, 100% of people.) There is a type that specializes in the facial hair and sebum, but in general, this is the mite that lives in your hair, and ultimately causes ALL HAIR LOSS (they think maybe. This was discovered recently by the inventers of Minoxidil.symptoms of demodex mite: acne. rosacea. eczema. big blue nose. hair loss. itchy where eggs laid under skin. psoriasis. arthritis? bad eyesight? (anecdotal evidence). Most people can live happily with these mites, their immune system keeping their numbers low. Others, with impaired immune systems, have problems with them. You get them from face contact….hugging, kissing…dogs get it from nursing on their mommies.

I have been tormented by bugs that felt like scabies on sedatives. Like chiggers. After 10 years of doctors saying “allergy to clothes” “allergy to pressure” “allergy to air” “deluded,” but never testing or taking a scraping, or even considering my HEAD. It never itched. Some people who have this say they feel “tickling” or “fingers in my hair” (translation: bugs walking). After reading an article about them I went on the SEA BuckThorn Fruit and Seed Oil therapy program. I eat equal to SIBU capsules, made from bulk stuff I buy from Russia, ie., mix fruit to seed oil 7-2. I take at least 1/4 tsp a.m. and noon, and then 1/2 tsp right before bed. Best on empty stomach.

I use this soap to wash my hair. I also saturate my hair in the oil and put a bag on my head and leave it from 10 minutes to all night(the better to kill every one that hatches). I am going to do this 90 days, which I read is the females life span. I wash clothes with Tea Tree Oil (another great anti itch oil when mixed with a lotion aaahhh…it kills mites also) Allegedly these mites also dislike LAVENDER oil…I mix lavender or tea tree oil with vodka and spray it on furniture and carpets and bedding (careful, it can bleach…). I sleep with mite coverings on mattress and pillows.

Now, Perhaps SBT is also great for beauty and acne and all that, but for me it has killed bugs, and gotten rid of a bleeding problem in my arms. Others say it helps arthritis, eyes, and many things as these mites may…or may not…enter into the body and do things there. Unfortunately, doctors seem to be behind in this research, and the public is doing it on the internet. Check out Blue Sage Naturals for lots of sea buckthorn products, or buy in bulk from Amazon by way of Russia! Oh, and do not use this brand on your eyelids in daytime or you will be VERY YELLOW–I use SIBU oil for my eyelids and brows.

Enjoy getting the parasites off of you (well, this does not help with the human ones..!


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4.0 out of 5 stars
Not a bad soap, but I prefer the Aubrey version…, August 11, 2010
N. Porter (Midwest)
Verified Purchase
I bought both the Aubrey Organics Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Bath Bar, and the Sibu Cleanse & Detox soap. By far, I prefer the Aubrey. So if you are considering both of them because of the Sea Buckthorn in them, I really recommend the Aubrey. It leaves you feeling cleaner, it seems to work better, and it smells/feels better too!That being said, the Sibu bar is also a nice bar of soap. The smell is okay, it’s not that great, but it does lather nice! I’ve used it on my face and it works wonderfully and doesn’t dry out my skin any more than any facial soap. That’s great!I bought this soap because of the sea buckthorn in it… I was looking for something to help with my psoriasis on my arms/body (the little bumps), and so I am going through a sea buckthorn detox to kill off some mites. Whether it works for that or not, I don’t know, only time will tell, so far it seems to be slowly clearing up my skin… but we will see!


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All natural ingredients, please do your research!, July 2, 2012
This review is from: Sibu Beauty Cleansing Face and Body Bar Sea Buckthorn, 3.5 Ounce (Misc.)

GLYCERIN, SODIUM HYDROXIDE, SORBITOL, SORBITAN OLEATE, TITANIUM DIOXIDE: Another reviewer mentioned that these were inorganic ingredients. Well, first of all, this cleansing bar is not touted as a completely organic product. Just natural. Which is fine, unless you are truly looking for certified organic products. And being the avid label reader and researcher that I am, I wanted to check into these ingredients to see where they were derived from and how safe they were for me. What can I say? I love a good challenge… and I too, want to make sure that I know exactly what is going into and onto my body! I gave the product 4 stars based solely on the ingredients. Couldn’t give 5 because I have not tried it yet. I use other Sibu products and I like them! So without further ado, here’s what I found out:

GLYCERIN (also known as Glycerine): Glycerine comes from either one of two sources. On the one hand it is the main by-product of biofuel (ethanol) production, which means that assuming the ethanol boom continues we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of it in our future. This isn’t the type we typically eat, however, since in its raw state it contains a fair amount of water plus a few residual whatsits. Refined and purified, it’s used in cosmetics and for “personal lubricants”. Vegetable glycerin is a natural product made from vegetable oil, often coconut or palm oil. Glycerin is classified as a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to the skin, and is thought to leave the skin moist and healthy. It has very emollient properties and can help soften and smooth the skin. Vegetable glycerin is also used in making herbal tinctures where alcohol can not be used.

SODIUM HYDROXIDE: (also known as Lye): Lye soap has been around for generations. Up until the 1850s, when the general store started stocking provisions, folks made most of their household supplies themselves, including lye soap. Three ingredients went into the making of lye soap: lard, lye, and lots of hard work. Lard was rendered and saved for soap-making from the annual hog kill that took place at the time of the first hard frost in autumn. Lye was made from the ashes left over from the wood stoves. (Most people kept a wooden bin with a side spigot just outside the house, into which they’d dump their ashes. When it came time to make lye soap, they poured water through the ashes and siphoned off the liquid lye.)

The third ingredient of lye soap had to be supplied by a pair of hard working hands. Lye is an extremely caustic agent, so the soap makers had to be careful to have just the right concentration. Too much lye would cause the soap to burn the skin, and too little would keep the soap from hardening. An old wives’ tale held that lye was at the proper strength when depositing a floating egg into the mixture revealed only its tip. To make lye soap, lard and lye were mixed together over an open fire, and stirred for hours with a long-handled paddle. It is said that when the paddle stuck straight up, the soap was ready. Lye soap was then poured into a metal pan and allowed to dry and harden; a process that could take from two weeks to one month. After the lye soap hardened, it was cut into smaller bars for everyday use. People used lye soap to clean everything from their faces to their laundry. Today, many people still like to buy and use original lye soap.

Lye soap can be purchased from soap companies, which sell their product in specialty bath shops or over the Internet. Many people tout the benefits of lye soap; it is a natural product, and because soap makers have perfected the level of lye to add, it can be a very gentle soap. Current lye soap manufacturers have substituted different types of oil for lard. Fragrances are added, and sometimes natural oils such as aloe, jojoba, or coconut, which soothe the skin. Fans of lye soap also say that it can help reduce the itching caused by insect bites. Nostalgia is another reason why people like lye soap. Some enjoy homemade lye for the novelty of using the same rugged brown soap that their Great-Great-grandparents used so many years ago.

SORBITOL: (a sugar alchohol): Sorbitol often is used in modern cosmetics as a humectant and thickener. Sorbitol, also known as glucitol, is a sugar alcohol that the human body metabolizes slowly. It can be obtained by reduction of glucose, changing the aldehyde group to a hydroxyl group. Sorbitol is found in apples, pears, peaches, and prunes.

SORBITAN OLEATE: (Sorbitan Oleate is a monoester of oleic acid and hexitol anhydrides derived from sorbitol): The Cosmetics Database considers Sorbitan Oleate a low hazard ingredient. All Sorbitan esters, including Sorbitan Oleate, are considered generally mild skin irritants but nonsensitizers (

TITANIUM DIOXIDE: (the white stuff found in natural mineral sunscreens): Most natural and organic mineral sunscreens contain titanium dioxide rather than…


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