Relogy Natural Acne Treatment

Relogy Natural Acne Treatment for Teen, Adult and Hormonal Acne

Relogy Natural Acne Treatment for Teen, Adult and Hormonal Acne

  • Often times, our best efforts at clear pores clears out our skin’s natural defenses, too. With a luxurious combination of natural extracts including bergamot oil, coconut milk and gentle willow bark extract, Relogy has created a silky, non-drying acne treatment that restores the necessary balance of your skin and is proven effective against acne. It turns out those harsh chemical acne treatments aren’t necessary after all.
  • The Relogy Acne Treatment System is a collection of our signature products in a special value set. Relogy has been a hit with style leaders and beauty insiders alike. Easy to use on face and body, with or without rinsing. “Relogy is just plain great skincare for breakout prone skin”. Please see product description below for more information.
  • Our Skin Balancing Lotion is artisan-made with fresh ingredients. All Relogy skin care is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
  • This is a collection of our most effective acne products in a specially priced set.

Don’t fall for chemical acne treatments that tell you how they will give you great skin. RELOGY is different. RELOGY is Clinical Acne Treatment + Fresh, Natural Ingredients harvested around the world. Relogy’s a gentler, easier way to clear your skin. Relogy won’t strip your skin with harsh cleansers. It won’t leave a crusty layer of dry skin, or irritate your skin with harsh chemicals like other acne treatments.

Relogy treats pimples and allows your skin to heal, and healthy skin to thrive. Relogy does this by combining clinical acne treatment with natural ingredients, to bring you a better kind of acne treatment and prevention, in a new, healthier, way.

Step 1: Treatment Foam: Relogy cleansing thoroughly removes the daily dirt, dust, oxidized sebum, dead skin cells and residue from makeup, sunscreens and skincare.

Step 2: Restore Balance – Our signature moisturizer for breakout-prone skin, Skin Balancing Lotion with Coconut Milk, is jam-packed with antioxidants and extracts such as coconut oil and jojoba which are known for their natural ability to soothe and heal. This pure, natural elixir works wonders for your skin, absorbing quickly to moisturize, balance and protect your skin from the harsh realities of acne bacteria and irritation. Bye-bye troublemakers, Hello lovely complexion.

Step 3: Later, acne spots! – Our Targeted Spot Treatment employs Chondrus Chrispus Extract harvested from the coast of Ireland, natural Salycilic Acid made from White Willow Bark, and Rosemary Extract (known for it’s natural healing and dark-spot correcting properties) to zap those pesky spots and boost your fast acne-clearing results.

Relogy is especially well suited for women who are experiencing adult acne or hormonal breakouts, blackheads and pimples because it is so gentle and hydrating.

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Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars
LOVE LOVE LOVE!, October 23, 2013
This review is from: Relogy Natural Acne Treatment for Teen, Adult and Hormonal Acne (Misc.)
When I was 21 I started to have an acne problem, I tried EVERYTHING including proactive and even prescription washes but nothing worked for me. After 2 years of battling with my adult Acne I found a prescription gel that helped keep my acne at bay, however it never truly cleared up my problem.At 25 my Husband and I found out we were pregnant. During my pregnancy I had a very hard time controlling my acne, since so many products contain harsh chemicals that are unsafe for the baby. My Aunt suggested I try Relogy because not only is it natural and safe to use, it’s for acne. I tried it and within 4 weeks my unattractive acne had lightened up and each week after less and less blemishes were on my face. After I had my son I decided to stop using Relogy and go back to my prescription acne gel and within 2 weeks my face broke out so terribly it looked like I had a beard of zits! I decided to go back to Relogy and within 3 weeks my skin was back to normal! My son is now 6 months old and my face has NEVER looked this good.If you have been battling with Acne or if you just want to use a product that is genuinely healthy for your face I HIGHLY recommend trying Relogy!


5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
I’M LOVING RELOGY, December 13, 2013
This review is from: Relogy Natural Acne Treatment for Teen, Adult and Hormonal Acne (Misc.)
I LOVE RELOGY!!!! I bought it for my teenage daughter for her acne and after the first week of using it her face looked amazing and glowing so I decided to try it. Well, I’m hooked and at 49 years young (lol) I look and feel so refreshed. My skin is so soft and with the cold weather I don’t have that red patchy look. Thank you Relogy for making me feel like a million bucks.


4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Affordable, Good Quality Luxury Here – Highly Recommended!, December 10, 2013
This review is from: Relogy Natural Acne Treatment for Teen, Adult and Hormonal Acne (Misc.)
This is such a nice, simple, affordable skin care line. I’m a very busy Mom of 3 youngsters who doesn’t have a whole lot of ‘me’ time, nor lots of extra funds in the budget for luxuries. It’s nice to have a quick and easy, basic two step skin care routine that leaves my skin feeling so pampered and at such an affordable price. The foaming cleanser is light and airy, but very thorough in it’s cleansing. The moisturizer is the perfect consistency and soaks in quickly, leaving my face feeling refreshed. I rarely get acne, but when I do (stress/time of month), it’s the nasty cystic type that will usually hang around bugging me for about a week. The spot treatment in this system helps those painful bumps to disappear a lot quicker. I love that this company uses local everything, from packaging to employees and that the product ingredients include nothing toxic or harsh. As busy as I am, I also love not having to think about going to the store buy more product. It just shows up at my door. The company and product are genius in their simplicity, quality, and special touches.


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