reLASH – Eyelash Growth Serum

reLASH - Eyelash Growth Serum for Luscious Lashes and Eyebrows (7.4 ml) Made in Los Angeles, CA

reLASH – Eyelash Growth Serum for Luscious Lashes and Eyebrows

Made in Los Angeles, CA

Perfect alternative for false eyelashes, fake eyebrows and eyelash extensions!

  • EASY TO APPLY: reLASH is a very easy to apply eyelash serum & eyebrow growth stimulator. Simply clean your face and remove all makeup and contact lenses. Apply using the brush to the base of your upper lash line every night. With double the concentration and more than twice the volume in a bottle compared to other eyelash product brands (7.4 ml/0.25 fl oz), reLASH is 4x better and lasts longer. To use as an eyebrow thickener, simply apply to your brows after cleaning.
  • HELPS PROMOTE LONG-TERM VITALITY & STRENGTH: Unlike other lash growth treatments, reLASH helps promote the long-term vitality and strength of your lashes by helping to prevent thinning and breakage. This eyelash growth serum reinforces lash and brow durability, shine, sheen and overall healthier looking appearance by providing them with beneficial care and nourishment. Start your lash enhancement experience now.
  • EYELASH GROWTH SERUM IS THE ANSWER TO SHORT LASHES OR THIN BROWS. reLASH is a proven eyelash serum specially formulated to help improve the appearance of longer eyelashes and fuller brows. A study conducted using the active ingredient shows over 60% increase in lash length and density in just 4-6 weeks of use. This eyelash enhancer nourishes your lash line with protein complexes to reinforce and support a healthier looking appearance. Start enjoying the appearance of fuller, longer and more luscious lashes and fuller eyebrows within a few weeks with the best eyelash enhancing serum!
  • PERFECT ALTERNATIVE TO FALSE LASHES & EYEBROWS: reLASH is the perfect alternative to false eyelash extensions and fake eyebrows. Now you don’t have to spend money on lash extensions nor spend lengthy time in front of a mirror messing with applicators, eyelash glue, adhesives, sealants and other eyebrow & eyelash extension supplies. By using eyelash growth products such as reLASH you will never have to worry about fake eyelashes ever again. Watch your natural lashes grow healthier and forget about any other lash conditioner.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are looking for a great eyelash growth stimulator, you cannot go wrong with reLASH. We are so confident that you will LOVE it that we are offering you 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If after 180 days, you are not satisfied, send back your bottle for a full refund. With your new found confidence, people might very well ask what is the secret to your good looking longer lashes. Start enhancing your look right now by purchasing reLASH. Don’t forget to purchase an extra bottle as one of the gifts for mom, friends or family.
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Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Eyelash curler cut lashes- grew back in 2 and half weeks!!!, February 17, 2015
Kristin Lewis
This review is from: reLASH – Eyelash Growth Serum
About 2 and a half weeks ago, my lancome eyelash curler cut a chunk of my eyelashes off. I was devastated. I immediately went on amazon to find a growth serum and saw that this was highly rated. I ordered it and it came within a few days. You apply this before going to bed on top of the eyelid above the lash line. I only applied it to the area missing lashes because I did not want to risk having my lashes at different lengths. Now my lashes are back! 🙂 Great product!
The top photo is from 1/29/15… I recieved the serum on 1/30/15 and the bottom photo is from today 2/17/15.I couldn’t be more pleased!! 🙂


59 of 61 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Product Review from expectant Grammy, November 17, 2014
Barb S.
 This review is from: reLASH – Eyelash Growth Serum 
Wow! I have never used a product like reLash before (frankly I didn’t even know they existed) so I can’t comment on how this works in comparison to other products but I can relate my own findings. When I saw this product I decided I would give it a try because I have very fine brittle eyelashes.
I work from home so I don’t often wear make-up and when I do, I would never wear mascara because my eyelashes tend to break and are so short you can’t see them anyway. So anyway, I started using reLash 1 week ago and was invited to go to my newly pregnant daughter’s first ultrasound today.
Well this newly expectant Grammy decided to get all duded up for the big event! I put on mascara and could not believe my eyes! I had eyelashes that the curler worked on! Wow it HAS made a difference!
I cried at the ultrasound, yes I saw the little heart beating. My eyelashes knocked against my glasses (A sensation I have not known for years) and then came home and washed off the mascara and low and behold my eyelashes are still there! I am so happy with these 1 week results…
I will continue to use religiously and would highly recommend this product to others who have weak, brittle lashes!!!!


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