Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Trial Kit

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Trial Kit

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead – Clears blemishes – Trial Kit

  • Eliminates acne-causing bacteria
  • Clears blemishes and prevents future breakouts without dryness or irritation
  • Improves the complexion and helps prevent scarring

Blemished days are over with Philosophy Clear Days Ahead. Experience clear days ahead. Philosophy clear days ahead is an advanced, fast-acting acne system created to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, clear blemishes and prevent future breakouts without dryness or irritation, while improving the overall look and feel of the skin for an undeniably clear, balanced complexion.

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead acne trial kit includes:

  • oil-free salicylic acid acne treatment cleanser
  • oil-free salicylic acid acne treatment and moisturizer
  • overnight repair salicylic acid acne treatment pads
  • fast-acting salicylic acid acne spot treatment

It’s an effective, two-step morning and evening approach to combating acne. The oil-free, benzoyl peroxide-free formulas are gentle yet incredibly effective, to help promote completely clear skin.

Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars
finally!, July 5, 2012
This review is from: Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Trial Kit (Health and Beauty)
i’ve had bad oily/combo skin (lots of breakouts, long term acne scars, and lots of bumps underneath the surface that i could never clear out) since i was preteen- so about 10 years now. my mom has similar skin and has tried lots of different products, but her skin didnt clear up until she hit her 40s. i resigned myself to that same fate.after a particularly bad breakout i got fed up and decided to google what worked for other people; i figured my cheeks and forehead were so scarred up i had nothing to lose. i saw a couple of blogs mention this line, and since i was able to get a trial size for a decent price, i gave it a shot. it’s amazing so far! my skin calmed down within a week, and older scars lightened up faster than they normally would have. my forehead is finally smooth again. one area on my cheek thats been uneven and bumpy for quite some time has actually started to clear up from underneath, so its actually becoming smooth and the pores look smaller! i started to notice a difference after a week. i’m 3 weeks into this trial kit now, and my skin has maintained that improvement.the soap is great, and it doesnt leave my skin as tight as the neutrogena oil free acne wash (this is a good thing!) im not sure how well the pads work, since i’ve always tended to wake up with blemishes, instead of noticing them before bed-but i havent had a breakout in the 3 weeks i’ve used this kit. the only thing that doesnt seem to do much is the spot treatment; ive read that other people love it, but it didnt seem like it did much for me- the moisturizer seems to be very effective, and that goes on first thing in the morning.

overall, i’d say give it a shot if nothing else has been working for you- you might be pleasantly surprised (i was!).


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5.0 out of 5 stars
WOW, August 12, 2012
This review is from: Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Trial Kit (Health and Beauty)
I have had moderate to terrible acne since I was 11 years old, I am now in my late 20’s. I went through my teen years on Acutane, and after I got married I went off of that last year, and now my face has been awful again with the cystic demons that pop up all over my face. I have tried every major maker of acne product, except for Philosophy, and when I was showering with some margarita body wash, it gave me an epiphany to see if they made an acne, and I found this. I used as directed in the morning and at night, I coupled the cleaning with a Clarisonic with the deep pore brush, but within a week, no new break outs (the first time in over a year), my pores had decreased in size and were barely there, my redness had decreased and was no very easy to manage with makeup and after 2 weeks of use was gone! This is the best results I have had from an acne product, it is pricey for the full size kit but it has worked for me, I just hope my skin doesn’t get used to it, but I am so pleased with the results, I have had in the 30 days 1 small white head on my chin but if thats it I am thrilled, to have clear skin and to be free of the Acutane curse!


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5.0 out of 5 stars
For adults who gave up on a cure, August 25, 2013
This review is from: Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Trial Kit (Health and Beauty)
I’m 25 years old and, while I never had the face that was covered in massive pimples, I have consistently and simultaneously had cystic acne under/on my jaw, white heads on my chin, black heads on my nose, at least one big pimple on my cheek, at least one big pimple on my forehead, and those little itty-bitty under the skin pimples that make skin feel like sandpaper since I was about 17 (I was a late bloomer, acne-wise.). Supposedly, I have the kind of skin that ProActiv is supposed to work miracles on, but I saw little to no improvement with the product; the same goes for AcneFree and every other over-the-counter acne treatment system. If it is out there, I have tried it- homeopathic included. I have tried every prescription except Acutane and none of them affected my skin in the slightest, except to make my skin flaky and rash-ridden while somehow still maintaining its thick, oily sheen; this goes for ProActiv and AcneFree, as well. I have tried giving up alcohol, going vegan, going organic, going sans-makeup, and giving up my occasional cigar, each for at least 3 months at the time; nothing has worked for me.Philosophy has changed my life. It is worth the price if you are an adult woman who is tired of getting carded for cigars when you aren’t wearing makeup. It’s not flattering. It’s embarrassing. My skin still isn’t perfect, but I actually feel like I can step out of the house without makeup and still feel pretty. I didn’t think I would ever feel that way.OH! ALSO, I have SUPER sensitive skin; like, if you look at me wrong I get a rash. I have blepharitis and super horrible allergies. If I wear the wrong makeup my face swells up like a basketball. I texted a picture of it to my dad once and he immediately commanded me to go to the hospital; my dad’s not the overprotective type, either. Anywho, Philosophy is the only product to which I have had, brace yourself, ZERO adverse reactions. That’s right, NONE. I don’t dry out, get flaky, develop a rash, swell up to the size of sports equipment, or even itch. I just get clear skin. Freaking. Fabulous.

I could preach forever, but hey.

Try it. What do you have to lose? You’re going to spend the money on some form of acne treatment, anyway.

Oh, and if you don’t glob it into your hand, the trial size should last you a month. The chick who said she’s been cutting her little pad things in half has the right idea. I actually did the same thing.


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