NOW Foods Evening Primrose Oil

NOW Foods Evening Prim Oil, 4 ounce

NOW Foods Evening Primrose Oil

  • 100% Pure Moisturizing Oil
  • Protects / Nourishes

Condition: Skin in need of nourishment and protection.

Solution: 100% Pure Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is an all-natural vegetable oil. NOW Foods Evening Primrose Oil used as an herbal treatment for a variety of ailments.

EPO contains essential fatty acids (EFA’s) that support body tissues, including skin. Combined with zinc, EPO may be helpful for a healthy complexion.

Each 1 ml of NOW Foods Evening Primrose Oil contains 80-100 mg of GLA – an essential fatty acid that can nourish and protect healthy skin cells. 100% Pure Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is derived from Evening Primrose seeds.

This oil is pressed at a low temperature to obtain a pure, natura, virgin oil, without the use of solvents, fillers or preservatives.

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Good product!, January 21, 2010
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I’ve used this product for about six months now, and love it! It’s really helped my hair loss and skin renewal. I take it orally, 1/4 teaspon, three times a day, just before a meal. It doesn’t interfere with anything I eat and never has any bad side effects. I would recommend this product to anyone.

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The many great benefits of evening primrose oil., June 8, 2013
John Tyler Williamson (Charleston, SC, USA)
This review is from: NOW Foods Evening Prim Oil, 4 ounce (Health and Beauty)

Evening primrose oil (EPO for short) does not get the attention it rightfully deserves. Many women have heard of or used evening primrose oil, as it is anecdotally famous for alleviating PMS and menopause symptoms, though most clinical trials have shown no scientific evidence of this. Evening primrose oil, as it sounds, is the oil that comes from the seed of the evening primrose plant, which is native to Europe and North America. It has been said to also be an effective treatment for psoriasis, eczema, and arthritis, among other things. Early Native Americans recognized and utilized the healing properties of the plant for many ailments.

Nowadays people like to focus on the importance of the almighty omega-3 fatty acids, but oft-forgotten are omega-6 fatty acids, which are what evening primrose oil provides as a natural highly concentrated source of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). These essential fatty acids are required, but are not produced by the human body. Moreover, evening primrose oil is anti-inflammatory in nature. This makes EPO a great acne treatment. Evening primrose oil can be taken orally in gel capsule form or applied topically as a moisturizing oil, and there are no known adverse side effects.

As weird as it may sound if you are not familiar with the idea, using oil as a moisturizer works very well for dry, oily, acne-prone skin, or any type of skin for that matter. Your skin produces sebum and oil in an attempt to moisturize itself and correct imbalances, so using oil as a moisturizer tells your skin that it is already hydrated and doesn’t need to produce any more oil, thus your skin actually becomes less oily throughout the day. I like to use 2 drops of evening primrose oil combined with 2 drops of almond oil topically as a morning moisturizer. Both of these have anti-inflammatory properties and are quickly and easily absorbed into the skin, so your face does not feel or look oily or shiny. At night before bed, I do the same thing combined with an additional 2 drops of tea tree oil and 2 drops of sea buckthorn oil. If you already use a “regular” facial moisturizer, you can easily just add a couple drops of evening primrose oil and mix it in your palm.

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4.0 out of 5 stars
great moisturiser, August 11, 2011
Jane Doee (Whiting, NJ)
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This review is from: NOW Foods Evening Prim Oil, 4 ounce (Health and Beauty)

This is a very good moisturizer for the whole body. But this particular company’s brand the oil smells like vegetable oil and the bottle leaks after opening. I transferred it to another container. I bought another type of oil from this company and the same thing happened and the same odor from the oil. I like the oil not the brand. Would not recommend buying from this company.

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