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Clove Oil is a spice once heavily traded during ancient times. Clove has a warm, spicy aroma that is quite strong. This oil is 100% pure and steam distilled from clove buds…

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Clove Oil, August 20, 2008
Barbara Bayne “Barbara Bayne” (Douglasville, GA. USA)

This product is like a miracle! It works on a tooth ache like nothing I have tried before. It puts ALL other topical oral medications to shame. It stops the pain instantly with just a drop and even Rx medications (pain pills) can’t come close!

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Outstanding quality at extremely economical price., October 20, 2011
K MavAZ (Tucson, AZ)
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First and foremost, Now Foods offers the highest quality products at unbelievably affordable prices. You will not find a lower price for this product anywhere on the internet. Clove oil is extremely potent. In my opinion this is indicative of the outstanding quality of the essential oil. I have found many “unusual” applications for this product.

1. I live in the desert of Arizona and utilize an Evaporative Cooler in my home. I add 7-8 drops of this oil daily to the water circulating in the cooler. The cooler air fills my home with an incredible smell of cloves. I find it refreshing and energizing.

2. I add clove oil and Now Foods Patchouli oil(another outstanding product) to unscented lotion to create an innovative aroma.

3. I combine the oil to a gallon of water and pour it into my shower drain and also works great pouring it into an in sink disposal. Again the odor is fantastic.

4. Lastly, I add 10 drops to a cotton ball. I then tightly wrap it into a small sandwich baggie and poke several holes in the area of the cotton ball for aeration. This is placed in my car and the clove “air freshener” works incredibly well.

Remember with this product a little goes a very long way so use it sparingly. A 2oz bottle lasted 2 years for me. I suggest storing it in the refrigerator to preserve its quality and freshness. I highly recommend Now Food products and this oil is yet another superior offering in the company’s product line up.

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Killed Molluscum Contagious, July 20, 2012
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I love this stuff. My son got 15 little spots on his tummy and arm, that the doctor diagnosed as molluscum contagious. He told me to leave it alone and it would go away. NOPE. Spread till he had a hundred and conventional treatment was not for 2 yr old. Tried apple cider vinegar, but it burned his skin. Someone mentioned clove oil might have some anti-viral benefits. Since I had it in the house, I tried on me first (some say it is strong enough to blister skin, but my wasn’t. Just produced a warming and tingle.) Then on his spots. Killed the little monsters dead. Two applications, one in morning and one at night of the oil on the spot. It didn’t hurt the skin at all. The spot would some times get a little raised, mainly they just got a tiny scab in the center and disappeared. And quickly too, I treated then for two days, and then waited to check results and that was all it took for some of them. The more deeply entrenched one took a few more applications, but painless, no big sores. He had even gotten a few on his face, those I only treated two since the skin was so fragile and once again the tiny scab showed up and then they were gone, just a faint light spot on the skin. I love you clove oil and now seems to make a nice strong batch. I wish I had found this sooner. They are all gone now.

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