Natural Moroccan Rose Water

InstaNatural Pure and Natural Moroccan Rose Water Ultimate Facial Toner

InstaNatural Pure and Natural Moroccan Rose Water

Ultimate Facial Toner

  • Calms skin irritations. Helps with sunburn. Can also be used for hair to make it soft and shiny.
  • Complete skin care – cleansing, toning, moisturizing and replenishing.
  • Suitable for all skin types- Normal, Oily, Dry and sensitive. Preps Your Skin For Serums and Moisturizers.
  • 100% pure and natural rose water. No Chemicals, Preservatives or Artificial Fragrances.
  • Manufacturer Guarantee: InstaNatural backs their products with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, no matter where you buy our product. If you’re not satisfied, simply contact us and get a full refund.

You cannot make your beauty regime simpler than this. Just add Natural Moroccan Rose Water to your daily schedule to get numerous benefits. InstaNatural’s Moroccan Rose Water is 100% pure and natural made from Rosa Damascena petals. There is no artificial fragrance or any added chemicals or preservatives.

The moroccan rose water acts as a toner to naturally balance the skin’s pH, making it soft, smooth and radiant. Its unique properties soothe and calm skin irritations while cleansing and hydrating the skin naturally. Suitable for all skin types: normal, oily, dry & sensitive…

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Customer Reviews

62 of 65 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Cleanser, toner, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory…the list goes on, August 21, 2014
amazongeek505 (USA)
 This review is from: InstaNatural 100% Pure & Natural Moroccan Rose Water Ultimate Facial Toner (Health and Beauty)
Insta Naturals has the best quality rose water for this price! The scent (heavenly) lasts longer than others, too. This is my new favorite brand of rose water and I hope Insta Naturals keeps selling here on Amazon as my local health food stores don’t carry this brand.I confess — rose water is my indulgence. The oldest written medical texts of the Western world includes rose water. Also the world’s oldest written fiction and non-fiction works includes people using rose water. Even though it’s mentioned in these texts it’s easy to imagine Nephrite, Cleopatra and other beautiful women using it throughout history. Rose water was an ancient luxury that was sensually enjoyed throughout the world.Rose water is what you get when you extract rose oil using steam (the distillation process). So there’s nothing artificial in this brand, some others use synthetic chemicals and some ‘rose water’ actually add chemical fragrance to highly diluted rose water. Insta Naturals has one of the best fragrances plus the aroma lasts longer than some others do.As a geeky person working in healthcare I have scientific reasons for using it, too and I wanted to share some of that here in case you’re also interested in what rose water can do.Avervdic docs have prescribed rose water as an eye wash for over a thousand years. Anyone who needs to decompress after a long day will benefit from putting some on a cool moist wash cloth to drape over your eyes as you lay down. Doing this can relive tension headaches.

Romans, Egyptians and other ancient people used it for healthy bathing. This practice continues today (my favorite thing to do with rose water). Rose water deeply cleanses your skin by gently removing impurities from your pores. It leaves your skin soft and moisturized with the tiny suspended droplets of rose essential oil in the water. Rose water also reduces wrinkles and improves skin texture and has been used as an anti-aging treatment for over a millennium.

Rose water naturally has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s frequently used to treat sunburns and skin problems like acne and eczema. It heals dry scaly skin as well as balances oily skin so it really helps people with combination skin. It not only cleanses, it also acts as a toner. Many people use it on bug bites.

Rose water can be used for aromatherapy if it’s a really good quality, as this one is. It has a calming effect and it uplifts your mood. It also has the reputation of being an aphrodisiac.

There are many scientific studies and ways to use rose water other than the ones that I can remember at the moment. For me this brand is the best quality for the price I’ve found so far. Found my new favorite!


38 of 43 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Itchy Scalp Miracle, March 22, 2014
Mandy Payne “Is it just me?” (Hollywood, CA)
This review is from: InstaNatural 100% Pure & Natural Moroccan Rose Water Ultimate Facial Toner (Health and Beauty)
I love using this on my face. Rose water is an excellent skin toner and smells delightful. It dries without a trace so works extremely well before serums and other creams or under makeup.Another use I’ve found was using it as a simple rinse after hair color. I’m at that age where I have to get my hair colored, or at least the roots, every few weeks. Otherwise everyone will see my silver streaks and know I am lying when I claim I don’t remember the 80s. Anyway, color always makes my scalp itchy and irritated for a few days. Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of rose water I decided to give it a try after my last color. Voila! I am no longer walking around kicking my back leg up and scratching behind my ears like a cocker spaniel. It really relieved the itch and it also smells amazing — and hair color doesn’t always smell so great for a few days.NOTE: My first order of this arrived broken in the box (that box still smells amazing) so I contacted the seller who was very apologetic and got me a replacement so fast I couldn’t believe it. Just thought it was a good sign that this company clearly stands behind their products and takes care of their customers.Sample provided for unbiased review.


29 of 35 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
My wife is sold on it, July 19, 2014
J. Chambers (Georgia, United States)
This review is from: InstaNatural 100% Pure & Natural Moroccan Rose Water Ultimate Facial Toner (Health and Beauty)
When I was offered an opportunity to try some Moroccan Rose Water, I got a bottle for my wife to try. Her comments are below.”I have been using the Rose Water as a cleanser and toner for about two weeks. First of all, it is becoming like aromatherapy when I use the product. The scent is refreshing and delightful. The product has shown remarkable results on some of the deep scarring on my face. Over the years, persistent acne has scarred some areas of my face. I have tried many products to improve these areas. Some of them were harsh and drying, and I didn’t like them at all. The first time I applied the rose water, it was so gentle and refreshing that I assumed it would not be effective as a toner. I was completely wrong. At the end of the first week, I could see a difference in the look of the deep scars. The surrounding skin seemed to have been hydrated and toned so that the scars were not as noticeable. This improvement continued through the second week. No previously used product has come close to the results of the Moroccan Rose Water. I am very pleased, highly recommend the product, and will continue to purchase and use this to improve my skin tone. Thank you for this remarkable product.”A product sample of Moroccan Rose Water was provided by InstaNatural for evaluation and review.


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