Natural Manuka Honey Gel

Acne Treatment - Living Natures 100% Natural Manuka Honey Gel, a proven and highly effective spot cleanser for men and women, The very best natural medication for facial spots and blemishes

Acne Treatment – Natural Manuka Honey Gel

  • Be free of unsightly skin conditions our Natural Manuka Honey Gel, treats pimples, insect bites, scratches and acne
  • Certified 100% Natural Cosmetic by BDIH – International Organic Natural Cosmetics Corporation (IONC)
  • Potent blend of natural ingredients, to nourish, hydrate, cleanse acne-prone skin Natures First Aid
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial antioxidant, soothes, relieves and restores damaged skin
  • Accelerates healing, removes harmful bacteria, sterilizes infections, and stimulates new skin growth

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Manuka Honey Gel is a soothing, natural gel formulated to help blemish-prone skin and trouble spots by working with the skins natural defences and repair mechanisms. This potent yet gentle gel features active botanical ingredients with renowned antimicrobial, soothing and restorative properties.

Healing Active Manuka Honey plus protective Manuka Oil helps cleanse and protect skin, along with Harakeke that provides soothing hydration. This potent blend is natures natural first aid suitable for use on acne-prone skin and for minor cuts, scratches and bites.

Active Manuka Honey is nourishing, hydrating, protective and restoring, Its scientifically proven to accelerate healing of the skin, and It helps remove harmful bacteria and sterilise infections, plus stimulate new skin growth and lower incidences of scarring. It is Very Effective in healing Acne without using any harmful toxins or chemicals. Introducing Living Natures Premier Spot Treatment. Manuka Honey Gel Internationally Certified Natural.

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Manuka Honey Face Cleanser – Good On Ya

Manuka Honey by Red Rock Organics


Customer Reviews

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4.0 out of 5 stars
Small bottle but great for spot treatment on acne/pimples! It does work!, January 19, 2015
This review is from: Acne Treatment – Living Natures 100% Natural Manuka Honey Gel
I was surprised at how small the bottle was when I received this. I know it says it in the description but I don’t usually pay attention to the number of milliliters a product says. The description says it’s a gel cleanser so I thought I would use it to wash my entire face or even body, if needed. However, since it is so small I cannot do that. The directions say to apply on acne spots.
Nonetheless, I did not know if I was supposed to wash it off after a few minutes or leave it on as you would your moisturizer. Therefore, I went back on to Amazon to read how I was so supposed to use this product. In the description information, it said how you could leave it on overnight. So then, I realized okay this must be a leave on type of product, even though that part still is not clear to me. That said, the product does seem to work good on my acne. I applied a little bit directly on my acne spots with my fingers.
The next day you could hardly see where they were. It worked quite well and I was impressed. The smell isn’t the best but it wasn’t the worse either. It is all natural and organic, which I appreciate a lot. Furthermore, the scent doesn’t last that long so it’s not a big deal to me. It’s not like I was washing my body with this.
Remember, this is a spot treatment not a face wash or body wash. As long as the product is working, I’m happy. The product does feel like a gel cleanser but after rubbing into my skin, there was no sticky or weird feeling at all. It was just gone and so were my pimples (by the next day). Since I’m spot treating my acne, I do not need to use very much and this bottle should hopefully last me a while. I agreed to give an unbiased review in exchange for receiving the product at a discount.


4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great for acne proned faces, December 15, 2014
 This review is from: Acne Treatment – Living Natures 100% Natural Manuka Honey Gel
This honey gel is amazing. I have acne prone skin so it is very hard for me to find something that doesn’t break my face out even more. I’ve had great experiences with honey for other issues in my life so when I saw this I thought it was a no brainer.
I got this pretty quick because of the prime shipping and it was surprised that it was not leaking out when it arrived. I started using it that night. I put it on some inflamed spots on my face as well as some spots that I noticed were starting to come up. In the morning, I noticed a big difference. The redness was a minimum and it didn’t feel inflamed anymore. I am going to be using this from now on!