How to Treatment Acne Naturally?

Gain control over your treatment acne

Best way to tackle acne is by starting with natural treatment acne. Millions of people worldwide is former or current sufferers of acne problems.

Anyone who has a problem with acne wants to find away to get rid of it. Most people turn straight to medication and harsh cleansers. Medications and special cleansers can help, but the key to having less acne is to have healthy skin, and these natural methods to getting rid of acne also make skin healthier and more vibrant.

It does not matter whether you are a senior or a teenager, acne is a problem that is a concern millions of people regardless of age, gender or race. The first step you need to do is care of your places that are caught to acne. There are a lot of cosmetic products to solve these problems but it is much better to start with the preparations that we make with food you have at home.


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How to Cure Acne?

alba botanicaEven once you are older and have your skin under control, many are haunted by the “ghosts of acne past,” also known as acne scars. There are many types of acne scars, from scars with a tint of redness to deep scars that almost look like pits in the skin.

After spending all of that time working on getting rid of acne, the last thing you want is to be reminded by acne scars. While some deep scars may need more advanced treatment by a dermatologist, there are many homemade treatment acne that can help get rid of your acne scars. Try these different home remedies and see which works best for you. Unless otherwise stated, you can apply these treatments and leave them on for around 20 minutes and then wash them off.


8 Homemade Treatment Acne – Home Remedies


  1. Honey is well known for improving skin. It can be very effective when treating acne scars. Apply a bit of honey to your acne scars. Don’t just use cheap honey though or you could end up with flavored corn syrup on your face. Use raw or pure honey instead. Let it sit on the scar for a while, but wash it off before it gets sticky and attracts dirt.
  2. Apply lemon or lime juice to your scars. You can use lime juice daily.
  3. Make a paste out of turmeric and apply it to the scars. You can buy ground turmeric or buy whole turmeric, bake it, and grate it into powder. Add a little bit of water to make a paste and apply it to the scars.
  4. Sandalwood paste also works wonders. Apply sandalwood paste and rose water to your skin and leave it on overnight. Wash it off in the morning, but don’t scrub too hard when doing it or you could irritate your skin. You can do this everyday.
  5. Use a cotton ball to evenly apply egg whites to your scars. This can be left on overnight or for a half hour during the day and then washed off.
  6. Olive oil can help reduce acne scars while also making your skin very soft.
  7. Cut a slice of tomato and let it sit on your scar for a while.
  8. Apply aloe Vera to your acne scars.

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Take Control of Your Freedom of Acne


You must know that the effects of a natural treat largely depends on the type of scars  but do not panic, that is why there are also many natural remedies for your treatment acne. Home remedies for acne scars may be the only way to go and  they are just natural tips that you can follow to get rid of acne and acne scars.

Spots acne scars can die out after a little months while representing some, it may possibly take several months before it disappears. Carrying around a countenance that is dotted from spots scars can compose you feel self-same miserable and this is why countless people prefer the home treatments acne scars.



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