ecoTOOLS MakeUp Kabuki Brush Set

ecoTOOLS Make-Up Kabuki Brush Set

ecoTOOLS MakeUp Kabuki Brush Set

This ecoTOOLS 4 piece Kabuki Set is a special limited edition and offers 4 different brush heads for maximum coverage. Really pleasant and perfect for powders, this would make a great gift, especially for those who prefer to use pressed or mineral powders for foundation. Super soft with “silky” feeling and very gentle brushes.

The quality is perfect and sleek, this is one of the great makeup set of brushes. Eye-catching artist-designed aluminum handles, cruelty free brittles and recyclable packaging. Highly recommend it this incredibly multiple eco TOOLS MakeUp Kabuki Brush, functionality for a total face makeover.

eco TOOLS MakeUP Kabuki Brush Set Contain 4 full size brush heads:

  • Conceal Kabuki – great to target the under eye area and your imperfections
  • Bronze Kabuki – natural looking glow
  • Contour Kabuki – for the fullest point of blusher
  • Buff Kabuki –  for a flawless finish

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Customer Reviews

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4.0 out of 5 stars
Super soft, NEVER sheds, very cute….., March 22, 2012
Verified Purchase
This review is from: ecoTOOLS Make-Up Kabuki Brush Set (Misc.)
The brushes are all very soft, feel wonderful on the skin, and seem well constructed – I have not had any shedding at all. The set includes a nice variety of useful brushes and I prefer kabukis b/c I think they provide better control. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what each brush is for, they included directions on the back of the package. Here’s my assessment of each:The “conceal” brush is wonderful. It’s the perfect size and shape for my face, which is petite so I do not like over sized brushes. It’s very soft (feels great), yet densly bristled, so it works very well for blending and covering with mineral or liquid foundation or concealer.The “contouring” brush is slightly larger than the conceal brush and similar in shape, but it’s softer, i.e. not as densely bristled. I’ve been using it for blush and think it does a good job.The “buff” brush is a good size and shape, but it’s too soft in my opinion. I don’t think the bristles are dense enough for heavier make up application, so I use it for finishing powder, light blending, or brushing eyeshadow off my face.

Lastly, the angled “bronzer” brush is very soft but I would’ve liked it to be firmer. It is a nice large size though and good for covering a large area when bronzing.

So, overall I am very happy with the set. I expect the brushes will last a long time b/c I have other Ecotools brushes which have lasted for years, kept their shape, and did not shed. It was a great price and each brush is a worthy addition to my cosmetic tools. As an added bonus, these are really cute kabukis b/c Ecotools added pretty little designs to each handle. Last but not least, the brushes are cruelty free!


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5.0 out of 5 stars
Quality, Butter-Soft and Budget-Friendly Kabuki Brush Set, January 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
This review is from: ecoTOOLS Make-Up Kabuki Brush Set (Misc.)
I purchased two of these ecoTOOLS Make-Up Kabuki Brush Sets (one for our daughter, one for myself) after comparing several different brands and reviews, and I’m so glad I did. To begin with, this entire set of a concealing, bronzing, contouring and buffing brushes cost less than what I normally pay at a brick and mortar store for one Kabuki buff brush alone, and the quality of these brushes is as good, if not better.The bristles are soft and each of the bristle’s end tips are finely tapered, which results in a more natural, softer application with regular pressure, but probably not suitable for theatrical makeup application/stage makeup or where much heavier application is desired. The brushes hold their shape well, and feel so nice against the skin with no prickly bristles. To give a good test to the bristles, I have tugged and pulled from the middle and outside of the bristles (which is my way to predict if they are prone to shedding) and have not had one single bristle come out, so I am very pleased.As a former makeup artist, I have used several different brands and types of brushes, and these are surprisingly good quality for the price, (but only for personal use because of the short handles, which would make it very awkward when doing another person’s makeup). I like that the handles of these are short, because they are perfect for travel, stow away nicely, and the shorter length doesn’t adversely affect my personal makeup application at all. These brushes are so very butter-soft are a pleasure to use.I highly recommend these brushes for anyone looking for a nice quality brush set at a very budget-friendly price.


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5.0 out of 5 stars
Small compact brushes!, April 1, 2013
This review is from: ecoTOOLS Make-Up Kabuki Brush Set (Misc.)
I seriously love these brushes I really wish they weren’t limited edition. Also the price on amazon is much better than the I spent at Ulta on these. They are very small and compact and are great for traveling! These brushes are very soft and never shed and apply you makeup evenly and nicely. I especially like the Buff Brush and The Dome shaped concealer brush. The concealer brush is one of the best concealer brushes I’ve ever found. I was very happy with it the shape was perfect for blending. They wash nicely and remain good quality throughout everyday use. Only advice always make sure to wash with cold water so glue doesn’t melt. Besides for that I really think these are affordable and great quality brushes!


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ecoTOOLS MakeUp Kabuki Brush Set

ecoTOOLS MakeUp Kabuki Brush Set

If you don’t have any kabuki brush, should try this set!