Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Loose Powder

Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Loose Powder, Beige

Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Loose Powder, Beige

  • Set foundation
  • Triple-milled for smoothest feel
  • Use for matte or natural finish
  • Will not change foundation or skin color

Cinema Secrets ultralucent loose powder are finely milled to reduce caking and fine lines when setting foundation. The unscented, triple-processed antiperspirant formulation provides a luxurious finishing touch to makeup artistry.

For a matte finish, press powder into foundation with a professional powder puff; for a more natural look, mist with Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray to absorb excess powder. Translucent powder will not change face color.


Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Pretty amazing, July 28, 2013
This review is from: Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Loose Powder, 2 oz., Warm Light (Misc.)
I used to be an avid user of Makeup Forevers matte loose translucent powder, which is still a good product but I always felt that it powdered up my look when applied over liquid foundation and concealer. It did keep my oil at bay, but it kind of made me makeup look dull. I got this stuff to see if I would like it better and I’m so glad I did. Cinema secrets products are always good but this powder is great! It keeps oil at bay but keeps my makeup looking like how I applied it versus just topping powder on top of everything. I apply with a real techniques big powder brush and voila. When dusted on, it gives the best finish a natural very light finish with just a slight glow. It’s great. Very happy with my purchase!


5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Best Powder EVER, June 25, 2014
Anonymous (CA USA)
This review is from: Cinema Secrets Mineral Powder – Soft Light (0.78 oz) (Misc.)
Will make you face look airbrushed. I get so many compliments in my skin since I’ve been using this powder. My skin hasn’t changed, it’s the POWDER. Will make you flawless! Shows great in photos too!


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5.0 out of 5 stars
Gentle finish to my makeup, April 6, 2012
This review is from: Cinema Secrets Mineral Powder – Soft Light (0.78 oz) (Misc.)
I have used Cinema Secrets ultralucent Face Powder for several years and have been very pleased with the natural look it gives and it lasts all day.


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Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation, 506-15

Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation

The 500 Series have a light pink to pink beige and mixture of deeper pink and coral beige tones, except for 504 and 509. 506-15 is one shade darker than 505. These highly pigmented foundations were originally formulated by Cinema Secrets founder Maurice Stein for use by fellow makeup artists.

Over the years, the cosmetic has not only gained recognition among film- and beauty-industry professionals and entertainers, but also has set the standard for medical and salon applications. The creamy formula applies like a second skin yet provides full coverage to diminish skin discolorations, birthmarks, burn scars, even large body tattoos!

All Ultimate Foundations are free of mineral oil, lanolin, and petroleum products. High pigmentation is the key to coverage, and durable high-quality ingredients make this cosmetic last up to 12 hours, even in humid climates (it’s completely waterproof!). Soft, natural matte finish spreads farther than most other foundations and will not cake or crease. Water- and perspiration-resistant, Ultimate Foundations will not stain clothing and are safe to apply on face and body.

Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars
HG of foundations for mature dry skin, holds up to humidity, May 27, 2013
This review is from: Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation, 506-15, .50 oz. (Misc.)
THis is my HG of foundations. I tried so many of them, from bobbie brown to mac to lancome and the list goes on.
When I turned 40 I noticed some fine wrinkles, forehead, above my lips(don;t smoke) and most of all I noticed a dull look no matter what product I used.BobbieBrown is great, but even for me , it makes you glow just a bit to much. I finally found Cinema Secrets
and it is THE BEST. You just have to make sure you get the color right. Go on their website and order some samples
I am a 35 to 40 in Mac Studio Fix, Revlon, warm beige, and the # 3 color palett is the closest. Some color are to dark in this palett but it is great for adding a bit of color to your cheeks etc.You will need only very little product and it best applied first with a foundation brush, dab only a bit of product on the brush, cover up some of your major blemishes.
Then use a sponge, moisten a bit , or use a 1 dollar elf blush brush(it has a flat top) , and just buff it in lightly
Start withas little product as possible and keep buffing, you can always use more.
But you must USE A GOOD moisturizer with the foundation from cinema secretsI have tried so many costly serums, cremes and the list goes on to get rid of my dry, dull looking mature skin.
Finally this is the product

My daughter uses the Garnier day lotion with SPF , love the smell on it and the texture and use it on occassions , then I saw this for this amazing price on Amazon and ordered it.

Anyway you apply this, is it an amazing product.
I can use it under my make up, and it eliminates the PRIMER (I use cinema secrets foundation highly recommend it, for mature, dry skin , acne adult prone skin , anyone who needs buildable coverage or just a little make up, it is so versitile, but being a creme foundation it needs a good moisturizing base) and the garnier moisture resuce gel is amazing!

It feels nice fresh, and being a gel it is NOT sticky at all. A little goes such a long way !

After using it as base of my make up ( at times I use a bit of hyaluronic acid, awesome product !under it) , and when finished ( if you want to try the cinema secrets foundation, or actually any other foundation, even liquid, give it a try and us a 1 dollar elf brush(Target) and lightly buff the foundation in.

I am not sure how it works but the garnier gel cream brings out the best in my make up.
I do have acne scars and yet with the combination of these products and able to apply the products for a natural look yet very nice flawless coverage !

To freshen up , put a little of the gel cream in a little tiny pot you can carry in your purse and refresh your look – I only use a couple dabs, use very little at first to see how it works with your foundation, especially if you are using a liquid one, and it will just give you a nice fresh look.

You know the kind you see on some ladies in their 60th or older that seem to still have a nice fresh look on their cheeks, I think I found out their secret:) Garnier Moisture rescue Gel Cream

Highly recommend this product especially for under $ 7!!!

I finally found my HG in a primer, moisturizer! If you do not want to try the Garnier gel , I do recommend for you to try the primer from Cinema Secrets, or us the moisturizer spray.
All those are amazing products, depending on your wallet , go see which one you prefer

Hope this helped someone, I am so glad I stumbled up on cinema secrets , it is indeed such best kept secret!

Oh and if applied right it does not settle in your fine lines , if it does you used to much, simply wipe away some of it

Oh and I do live in the south, it gets very hot and humid and this product delivers no matter what!!
No need to put powder on top, as this then will give you a dull , dried out look again 🙂


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5.0 out of 5 stars
excellent coverage, August 17, 2011
Gail D. Carrero
This review is from: Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation, 507-45, .50 oz. (Misc.)
I am very pleased with this product. I have problem skin. It bruises and scars easily. This is the perfect foundation for my skin. I will be purchasing more in the future.


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