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Charcoal Magic - BANISH DIRT, OIL, PURGE PORES and PROTECT with Morrocan Argan Oil & Black Pepper - Gentle Face Wash - Free Shipping! 4oz

Charcoal Magic Review

  • Clean, detoxify, clear and protect your skin with Charcoal Magic!
  • Made with Morrocan argan oil and black pepper to nourish and energize
  • Gently cleanses and purges toxins, dirt and oil
  • Banish dirt and purge pores
  • Protects with vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential oils
  • Free Shipping

What it Charcoal Magic?

Clean, detoxify and protect your skin with our Charcoal Magic! Discover the magic of our highly concentrated charcoal in this gentle face wash. Our cleanser has a generous amount of charcoal that helps draw out toxins, clear skin and banish dirt and oil.

Another secret of this cleanser is the magical Black Pepper oil. Black pepper oil is energizing, has anti-oxidant properties, “warms up” skin with its regenerating properties, and is also an aphrodisiac!

Moroccan argan oil protects and nourishes your skin with its high levels of Vitamin E and 80% fatty acids which make it perfect for healing many skin ailments as well as protecting against premature aging. It is known as the “miracle ingredient”.

Customer Reviews

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Between 4-5 Stars, December 17, 2014
Mandy Payne “Mama Granola” (Hollywood, CA)

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Charcoal is supposed to absorb and draw out impurities. It is all the rage — and quite expensive (for charcoal???) to get a charcoal facial. Black pepper is supposed to reduce eye bags, acts as an antibiotic, tightens skin…a whole host of groovy things. So testing a sample of this was a no brainier.Well I’ve used it for a few days and I’m not sure if it draws out any impurities with the short time it is on. And the same goes for reducing eye bags and tightening my skin. But I really do like how my skin feels clean but not dry after washing. And it can’t hurt, right?I can’t say that I look younger, or more refreshed, or that my income has increased as a result of this wash. But I can say that so far I am really pleased with it.


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Works well on blackheads and oily skin, and a little goes a long way, January 24, 2015
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This review is from: Charcoal Magic
Our household has slowly migrated to natural, plant-based cleaning products and while it’s been tough on the wallet, the improvements have been remarkable. Consequently, I’ve tried many facial soaps and cleansers and while I can’t assess their marketing claims can definitely tell you about the results of testing for a month.Charcoal Magic comes in a small dispenser but you don’t need very much to see it work. After 2 people using for 4 weeks, we still have over half the product remaining. For facial cleansing, the pepper adds almost a tea-tree sensation, and it’s highly effective both in areas with blackheads, like the nose or forehead, but doesn’t aggravate dry areas of skin. Over my testing phase, it substantially reduced the number of pimples and blackheads while also making the skin look fresher and more even.I’ve never washed with charcoal before but the recipe here is worth trying if you have perpetually oily skin or suffer from skin marks and blackheads that are resistant to all the standard remedies. It only takes a few days to start noticing the improvements. This was a test product I received from the manufacturer but would have no hesitation in buying the next bottle.


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5.0 out of 5 stars
A Gentle Detoxifying Cleanser, Safe for All Skin Types, 100% Natural Ingredients – Rich in Anti-Oxidants, Anti-inflammatories, December 25, 2014
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This review is from: Charcoal Magic
Not all cleansers are the same, although most of them do the job of cleansing. In the morning, we cleanse our face to remove any leftover facial products that we apply at night for a fresh clean start. Then in the evenings it is just a matter of proper hygiene to cleanse the dirt, debris from the daily pollution, and to remove any make-up that we may have applied. Generally, it is just something we all do automatically, without much thought like brushing and flossing our teeth. However, the Charcoal Magic for me, is a pleasurable experience rather than an automatic cleansing habit.Charcoal Magic by Passport to Organics, comes in a convenient pump container, the gray charcoal colored lotion is very smooth, with a nice refreshing light citrus scent. The gentle lather is not overpowering, I do not care for other cleansers that bubble up with so much lather that it is almost impossible to rinse off. The Charcoal Magic is smooth, rinses off easily, and Wow, it leaves my slightly dry and mature skin looking brighter, softer, and noticeably cleaner. I use a magnifying mirror with 3 strong suction cups attached to my bathroom mirror, and due to the magnification, this mirror speaks the hard truth. Therefore, I do know exactly what my skin looks like, and there is no doubt, my skin is cleaner, the skin pores are clean and minimized, and in addition, my skin does NOT feel as if all the oils have been stripped.Charcoal Magic is pure with 100% natural ingredients, certified organic, using over 70% of premium organic ingredients.

Charcoal helps to draw out toxins, dirt, oil, thereby providing clearer skin.

Black Pepper Oil has anti-oxidant properties and warms up skin with regenerating benefits.

Moroccan Argan Oil has high levels of Vitamin E, possessing 80% of fatty acids, which is nourishing and acts as a healing agent for many skin conditions including acne, and contains other properties to protect against drying and the premature aging of skin.

All the other ingredients have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties with added beneficial organic vitamins, minerals, and essential oils.

Charcoal Magic cleanser, is gentle, effective and safe for ALL skin types, for usage twice a day. In addition, Passport Organics believes that natural is better, therefore Charcoal Magic cleanser is Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Phthalate Free and there are NO artificial fragrances. Consequently, Charcoal Magic is Eco-friendly, with No animal testing, therefore, it is Naturally effective.

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