Benefit Cosmetics Dr. Feelgood

Benefit Cosmetics Dr. Feelgood

Benefit Cosmetics Dr. Feelgood

  • an invisible balm for matte skin

This is a new idea for smooth, silky, matte skin. Its dr. feelgood – our complexion miracle worker! This colorless, weightless balm goes on bare skin or glides over makeup to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores while soaking up excess oil. Enriched with Vitamin A, C, and E, dr. feelgood is just what the doctor ordered for beautiful, healthy, skin!

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A Real Beauty SECRET, November 27, 2010
G. Gables (West Coast)
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Benefit Cosmetics Dr. Feelgood (Kitchen)
I’m shocked by all the bad reviews of this product but I’m mucho biased. I ADORE this product and will keep this as my personal and not-so-secret-anymore beauty tip until the day I die. In fact, I want them to use this on my face for my wake, unless I decide to become cremated.All morbidity aside, if there is something the cosmetics industry has done right – it’s Dr. Feelgood. Ever since my friend introduced this product to me I’ve been hooked. At first I only used this on my skin on rare special occasions, until one day I realized it actually did “benefit” my skin unlike most cosmetics products.
I now use this daily because I’ve seen how it protects my skin from pollution and keeps the fine lines at bay. (Believe me, I know how this sounds – way too good to be true.) But hey, if the sun is going to bear down on my face, whether for a moment or a full-on beach day, and try to dry it out and create new little wrinkles, I want this stuff on my face (over my moisturizing sunscreen) as an added layer of protection to slow time.
The instruction says to go “over” makeup, but I strongly disagree. I’ve tried it every which way and have found that it works BEST when over moisturization/sunscreen and UNDER my makeup. Sounds like a whole heck of crap on your face, but for some reason it works on my complexion and doesn’t look heavy.
You should know that this is NOT a moisturizer (I read a complaint or two that this makes your skin dry) which is why moisturizer should go on before you “seal” your skin with this stuff. (By the way, sunscreen is VERY important if you’re going to be out in the sun even for less than half an hour, and should go on before Feelgood.)I have sensitive skin and damaged enlarged pores and this stuff doesn’t break me out. It’s amazing.
My pores really do look smaller. As far as scent goes, I guess people don’t like the smell of fresh with a hint of lemon? There’s definitely a scent of waxiness but it’s far from offending, IMHO. This product allows me to go out without makeup – I just wear moisturizer or sunscreen under it. Feelgood’s specialty is definitely the nude face/au naturale look.I admit, I almost refrained from writing an official review on this product because I wanted to keep my awesome results to myself, but my sense of duty to pay this beauty tip forward as my friend did to me kept nagging at me. I need to keep up the good mojo if I want to continue hearing about beauty secrets that work!

-March 10, 2013 UPDATE-

I’m so humbled to see that my review of this product actually helped people! I’m still a huge fan of this miracle wax and don’t think I’ll ever stop being one, so BENEFIT better not discontinue this product, ever!

I’ve been meaning to share a tip for those of you new to makeup or putting multiple layers of “stuff” on your face (including this product): If you aren’t in a hurry, after you moisturize/SPF your face, wait a few minutes before putting on Dr. Feelgood. Let your lotion settle into your skin first. I’ve always been told that 10 minutes was the ideal “settling” period, but just know that a little waiting before sealing your skin with Feelgood will never hurt the final presentation of your face!

My skin has gotten tad oily now that the weather’s hotter, so after I moisturize and Feelgood my face, I’ve returned to using a light dusting of baked/loose mineral powder as a cover-up, instead of my usual BB cream foundation+powder on top of this wax. It’s been working beautifully…


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A happy guy, December 16, 2010
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Benefit Cosmetics Dr. Feelgood (Kitchen)
I’m a guy and I love this stuff. Been using it for about 3 years now. It’s great to keep away shiny forehead and shiny cheeks. The only bad part is that if you put face cream on, you have to wait until the cream is soaked into your skin, otherwise it begins to permeate the applying pad and once you’re halfway through the product, the pad picks up the product in chunks and makes it harder to apply.


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