Proper Skin Care Regimen For Treatment Acne


How Treatment Acne?


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Everyone knows that one of the biggest keys to getting rid of acne is cleaning your face, but not everyone knows exactly what a proper skin care regimen is. How often do you wash your face? What cleaners should you use? What about exfoliating? By learning how to care for your skin, you can easily reduce or even eliminate your acne.



First level, Acne Face & Body Wash

First level, Acne Face & Body Wash


#1 Cleaning


The first step to keeping your skin clean and acne free is, of course, washing it. The problem is, most people either wash their skin too much or  not enough. Washing your skin too much can actually be very bad for your skin because your skin will start creating more oil to make up for the over cleaning. Ideally you should clean your face twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. You don’t want to scrub too hard and use a mild cleanser. It is best to pick a mild cleanser without artificial scents to avoid the chance of skin irritation.



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#2 After Cleaning

Now that your face is clean, this is when you use a topical acne medication such as tea tree oil, benzyl peroxide, or salicylic acid. This should also be done twice a day after cleansing. A few other things that should be done after cleaning include applying a sensitive skin facial lotion and using a facial sunscreen. Be sure it is a facial sunscreen since they are specially made to  not clog your pores.



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#3 Peeling

One thing many people don’t realize should be part of their skin care regimen is exfoliation. Ideally you would exfoliate two times a week. This helps get rid of dead skin and gives your face a deep clean. Of course, you should avoid doing this more than two times a week or you could end up with very irritated and dry skin.


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#4 Mask Treatment

For added skin health, think about adding a weekly to bi-monthly skin mask treatment. They make many different kinds including ones that are specifically made to help with acne. There are many options depending on skin type and our skin’s specific needs. The best way to find one that works well for you is to try one, wait a week, and see what it did for your skin, then decide if you will continue using that one or try another.


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Conclusion about Skin Care Regimen

A proper skin care regimen can make all the difference in your skin healthy and your acne. By simply knowing how to take good care of your skin you can take control of your acne. Of course, if you still have acne problems after adopting good skin care habits, it may be time to look into other options to manage your acne.


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